Adventure Time Clocks! - “What time is it?! Adventure time! No, seriously, what lumping time is it?”

photos: Imgur

Being a big fan, I am excited to share this with everyone! :) Each wood sheet is first spray painted, then go through a few stages of laser rastering/ cutting, and finally hand assembled. I am selling these as a hobby, so I can just make enough back to keep my geekery going.



Doctor Who Clocks - How else would you keep track of all the wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff, right?

This time around, I designed/ made a bunch of Doctor Who clocks. great for new college apartments :P 

Shop: ETSY SHOP [link] :)

**edit - due to some problems, I have taken down the links from Thingiverse



Making a Simple Tardis Bookcase ================

~ $60 + 15 hours (lots of it in between waiting for paint/ wood glue to dry)

bill of material:

1. structural (use screws)
     4 pcs - 11.25” x 0.75” x 18” (sold as 12” by 1”, cut to 18” at HomeDepot)
     2 pcs - 11.25” x 0.75” x 36” (sold as 12” by 1”, cut to 36”)
     24+ pcs screws -  I used #6 x 1.25” (anything #6 - #10 and 1+” long works)
     1 pcs - 19” x 36” (backboard; can be cut from big 4’ by 8’ of of thin plywood) 

2.  top decoration (use wood glue)
     2 pcs - 3.5” x 0.75” x 12” (sold as 4” by 1”, cut to 12”)
     1 pcs - 3.5” x 0.75” x 19.5” (sold as 4” by 1”, cut to 19.5”)
     1 pcs - 11.25” x 0.75” x 17.5” (sold as 12” by 1”, cut to 17.5”)

3. fine decoration  (use wood glue)
     6 pcs - 31.75” x 2” (cut from big plywood sheet)
     12 pcs - 2.625” x 2” (same plywood. * I used 11/32” thickness, but any works)
     4 pcs - 2.625” x 1” ( just break two of above into 4 pieces)

4. For the top tardis alarm light, I used a PVC pipe connected to a pipe cap

5. your choice of blue spray paint (white for window too) + wood glue

You can buy all these from HomeDepot, and get most of them cut for free there as well. If not, any saw would do the trick, just a bit more work on your part. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I made some CAD drawing for anyone who wants to try this as a weekend project. Good Luck and Cheers!